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What kind of mobile accommodation does your company provide?

We can divide mobile homes into two categories, generally known as mobile homes and mobile chalets.

What is the difference between a mobile home and a mobile chalet?

The difference is in the material. A mobile home is made of sheet metal or plastic and is very similar to a caravan, while a chalet is made of wood or quality plastic, is usually insulated and is also suitable for use in winter. It is indistinguishable from an ordinary chalet or cottage, but with the advantage that it is mobile.

Are your homes suitably insulated for weather conditions in the Czech Republic?

Most mobile homes are not insulated for weather conditions in the Czech Republic. If your mobile home is to be used for living in all year round, then it is good to insulate it. A possible alternative is a mobile chalet, of which more than 90% are insulated for conditions here.

Can I link up a number of mobile homes to make one self-contained whole?

Yes, you can, but mobile homes are not designed like a construction set. Each home has its own sanitary facilities and kitchen.

There are, however other kinds of mobile home which from construction are made up of a number of components. Not everyone is satisfied with the size of mobile homes on offer, preferring a more spacious home, which is why in these cases we import mobile homes which are made up of two or more mobile homes in an L- or U- shape.

Mohu si vzít hypotéku na koupi mobilního domu?

Bohužel to není možné, dle zákona je mobilní dům věc movitá, což zamezuje možnost použít hypotéku. Je však mnoho dalších způsobů, jak zajistit finance na koupi. Například bezúčelná půjčka od banky, americká hypotéka. My našim klientům nabízíme financování pomocí společnosti ESSOX, a to až do výše 1 000 000 Kč.

If I buy a mobile home which is not insulated for weather conditions in the CR, can I add extra insulation?

Naturally, insulation can always be added, either by yourself, or as part of the services we provide you, we are able to further insulate your house.

Do I need planning permission (a building permit) if I want to put a mobile home on my land?

No, a mobile home does not bear a house number and is not classed as property, which means planning permission is not required.

It is sometimes very difficult dealing with planning authorities with some asking that a notification of building be placed. This varies from authority to authority. The Building Code does not recognise the term ‘mobile home’.

I am thinking about purchasing a number of mobile homes which I want to join together and use as my company’s headquarters. Is this possible?

As we have said above, a mobile home is easily adjusted according to the requirements of each client. If a company purchases a mobile home, a VAT tax deduction can be made.

How soon can I start living in a mobile home once I have purchased it?

We will deliver your mobile home to your land free of charge and you can start living there immediately.

I have chosen a home, but I haven’t found it in vendors’ collections in the CR. If I gave you a photo and my requirements, would you be able to supply me with an identical or similar one?

Yes, if you have chosen a mobile home but you haven’t found it in our collection, we are happy to order it and supply it to you. One benefit is that you receive a discount of 20000 CZK for this kind of home. We will naturally provide a contract and guarantee from the supplier.

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